How to buy a kitchen scale?

You find a very good recipe of baking a cake but do not have a scale to measure ingredients???

You want to cook a special food which requires your carefulness in taking materials but you have no measurers???

Today for home cooks, a kitchen scale becomes an indispensable kitchen tool.  More and more recipes need to measure by weight instead of by spoons or cups.

Below are several considerations which you should have a look before deciding to buy a kitchen scale

KSC-350-95_PT03-300x300 How to buy a kitchen scale?

  1. Types of kitchen scales:

Balance scale:

In the past, people, especially purchasers and sellers, often used this kind of measurers. There are 2 arms and people put goods on the end of one arm and weight on the other end. By observing the balance of this scale, they can weigh the goods. However, this type of scale is not suitable today as for light-weight ingredients such as sugar or flour, it is difficult to give an exact result.

Therefore, today people often use below 2 kinds of scales: mechanical scales and digital scales.

Mechanical scales

Mechanical scales, or spring scales used to be very popular among grocery stores. There are also 2 types: platform and hanging style scales. For hanging styles, you will have to hang your goods in an end of the arm and will move dials to see the weight of ingredients. The most advantage of this hanging style is that the materials weight can be very high, up to 200 kilograms or more.

To platform scales there are platforms/ bigger bowls or trays to place the goods above. The rotating pin is its main working principle. It would be more convenient for you when you do not have to hang your goods as some big products are not easy to be hang. Although it is not as precise as digital scales, the results given are quite a kind of precise.

KSC-350-95_PT03-300x300 How to buy a kitchen scale?

Digital scales:

Digital or electronic scales have a LCD display for users to read the weight. There is also a wide and sturdy platform. The digital readout allows cooks to read exact information.   Manufactures tend to improve digital scales with many new features. Some has been supported with read data, meaning that when you put ingredients above platforms or bowls, the number continuously run. That means you will not over pour ingredients which is very useful for a strict diet or complicated cooking recipe.

Some other digital scales can store data from historic using.

KSC-350-95_PT03-300x300 How to buy a kitchen scale?


Your required capacity and sensitivity:

You have to review that you will use your kitchen scale to weigh which kind of foods. Depending on the type of foods you mostly weigh, we can determine the capacity of the kitchen scale. Maybe you need a scale with capacity of 16 ounces or 15 pounds or different type.

If you often weigh herbs, spices and nuts or other light-weight ingredients, you may consider to buy a scale of up to 16 ounces.

However if you often use your scales to weigh heftier food like meat or whole poultry, it would require a much higher capacity.

Also have to pay attentions to the conversation system as each country will use different types of measurements. For digital scales, it can be easily converted from one unit to the other ones such as pounds, ounces, grams or kilograms by pressing one button.

About the sensitivity, what I’d like to mention is the tare function of electronic scales. Normally, you will have to count by yourselves to minus the weight of bowl when you want to measure only the weight of content. However, nowadays some brands have upgraded the electronic scales by adding a function. After putting the bowl on the scale, you continue to press the start button and the number comes back to zero. By this way you can weight only the content which will be very convenient in your strict baking recipes.


Some brands let your scales be accompanied with a set of platforms or bowls for easy using.

You should choose those that come with these sets to contain foods to weigh and simple to clean up.

Actually, there are many sizes of platforms or bowls to fit with many kinds of foods. A wide variety of sizes in these sets will allow you to weigh many kinds of ingredients without washing up bowls continuingly. When you bake a cake, the white yolk must be separated and cannot be mixed with other fat substance, you’ll find the serial bowls much meaningful.

Therefore, consider to buy a scales that accompany with sets of containers or you can buy together with lower prices.


For mechanical scales, looking around to find a scale with big numbers and contrast-color needles for you to easy reading.

For an electronic scale, you should check the display first. It had better be large and have clear labels. A scale with automatic turn-off function for its screen will help you to save the batteries. When you have to weigh many foods in s short times, choose a model which has a long default period of turn-off time or which one you can set up time the screen switches off.

In summary, there are a lot of considerations you have to see before buying a kitchen scale. If you want a scale without batteries, pick a mechanical scale but if you like the exact number, consider a digital scale. It’s all up on your requirements. Hope that above given tips can help you in buying a perfect kitchen scale- a must-to-have cooking tool in your kitchen.



























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