How to Clean Hand Blenders
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Compared to traditional blenders, hand blenders are outstanding as a very convenient and easy-to-use kitchen tool among home cooks. If you have to spend half an hour on cleaning a traditional blender, it would only take you 3 minutes to clean up a hand blender. With only 2 main parts, just follow below tips to clean your hand blender, sometimes you even not have to take them apart.

Unplug your blenders:

Firstly, you have to unplug the blender to ensure your safety during leaning process. Keep it off from the plugging sockets as soon as possible because water may reach your electricity sources which are very dangerous.

Remove attachments:

With a hand blender, you can use to blend, puree, chop or whip fruits, vegetable or foods. It is very useful and time-saving when you have to prepare food for your baby or whip a fresh mayonnaise That’s the reason why you should remove the attachments to easily clean up After using, the food particles may stick to and be adhered to your hand blender So you should soaks parts separately in hot water for a few minutes and soap them, which may help to loosen the stuck food for a long time After that, you should use a dish rag to wipe your attachments

If the food retainers cannot be removed by normal way, you can use a little dish soap to wipe and rinse off carefully with water

Mix it clean:

For stuck and dried food particles which cannot be easily removed by dish rags or clothes, you may try to fill in a large bowl or a tall cup with water and a little dish detergent. Then you immerse your hand blender inside and turn on. The rapidly rotating blades will help water can reach the hard-to-reach positions to wipe away the food resistances. Be note that you have to adjust the amount of water to avoid it spilling. With this speed, the soap foam and water can spill to everywhere so you should put the hand blender and cup in a easy-to-clean places for easy cleaning.

Another option is that you can use a mixture of vinegar and water ( 1:1) instead of dish detergent and push “on” to see it clean itself,

Dry the attachments:

After being cleaned,  the parts of hand blenders should be placed in a drying racks or dish towel to allow them to air dry naturally. You had better let them to completely dry before attach to electricity sources to avoid any unexpected and dangerous electric shocks.

Clean the Wand:

As the wand should not be immersed in water, you may use a soft cloth with soapy solution or vinegar to wipe the resistant foods. After that, allow it to dry and remember that you cannot dip that upper part under running water to avoid it being broken.

Store your hand blender:

Finally, you also wipe the electric wires with drying cloth and coil it properly before place your hand blender inside your shelves.

About storage, you should keep them in a drying place without too much dust as well as moist. Like other electric appliances, if your hand blender is wetted with dust accumulation or moist, it maybe difficult to start in the coming using. However, you also should choose a easy to reach and convenient place so that it can easily be found whenever you need to use.  If you do not use your hand blender too often, you can use a small and dry cloth to cover it.

 In conclusion, this handy kitchen tool is very easy to clean up. Hope that above mentioned tips can help you to use them in an efficient way.   


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