The pizza oven for the household – does the pizza taste better?

What is a household pizza oven anyway?

A household pizza oven is a small household appliance that costs little and takes up little space that will make you a delicious pizza in just a few minutes. So, if you are a lover of homemade pizza, then a pizza oven is a must have for you, even if you face difficulties in making a pizza, a pizza oven is the right home appliance for you.

How does a pizza oven work?

In a pizza oven, high temperatures are reached that can rise up to 400° Celsius. This reduces the baking time and the baked goods can be finished in a very short time. Pizza ovens, also known as pizza makers, are much more energy-efficient than a conventional oven.

A classic pizza oven has reached its working temperature after about 4 minutes of heating-up time. The self-made pizza can be eaten after a few minutes. A frozen pizza can also be baked to completion.

How much does it cost to buy a pizza oven

A pizza oven for private consumption can also cost up to 3,000 euros, depending on the price of what material, type or size a pizza oven is actually made of. But there are also smaller, cheaper pizza ovens that you can buy for around 100 euros.  

What are the pros and cons of a pizza oven?

Of course, pizza ovens do not only have advantages. In this section we have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages of pizza ovens for you. So you can get a quick picture.

Advantages :

  • delicious pizzas possible the same as with the Italians
  • high temperatures enable rapid baking
  • can be used for a variety of occasions
  • can be taken on trips and to friends
  • not space consuming

Disadvantages :

  • if there is too much coating, a lot of cleaning has to be done afterwards
  • slowly heating up
  • the heat usually drops very quickly after use

Especially the cleaning of a stone slab is very time-consuming. Most materials are not water resistant, so they shouldn’t be cleaned in the dishwasher or in the sink at all. You will be instructed to use cleaning agents or tools for cleaning. For deep stains, sandpaper can do the hard work for you.

Where can you buy a pizza oven?

There are countless types of pizza ovens that you can buy, but there are different providers where you can buy the household appliance. With a mini pizza oven or an electric pizza oven, it is easier to find what you are looking for in various online shops.

What temperatures are reached in a pizza oven?

If you have already tried a pizza at a typical Italian restaurant then you know that they do not use a traditional oven. The commercially available ovens that are used in the home usually have limits when it comes to temperatures. It usually ends at around 260°C.

A good pizza oven, on the other hand, can be heated up to 500° C, that’s a huge difference that leads to a completely different result. Good ovens are also equipped with a stone plate, which also leads to a better taste. It is particularly important that the heat comes from below and the pizza gets a firm and stable base.

Dimensions and weight of a pizza oven

The items that can be purchased online are usually not that big. Therefore, they will easily find a place in your kitchen. With a diameter of around 30 centimetres, it should fit into any regular household. Most pizza ovens weigh between four and seven kilograms.

cooking time

The preparation with a pizza oven is more practical, faster and can prepare the pizza for consumption in a few minutes, which is clearly an advantage. After the pizza oven has been preheated, the pizza can be baked in five to ten minutes. This is easier than ordering a pizza and should taste just like your favorite Italian without a difference. Incidentally, the frozen pizza from the supermarket around the corner will also taste very good if you prepare it in a pizza oven.

What else can you use a pizza oven for?

Not only pizzas can be prepared in a pizza oven, but also rolls, cookies, tarte flambée and much more can be baked excellently.

However, some special features must be observed when baking bread. Firstly, that the temperature of the oven is not set so high and secondly, that the bread has to be moistened with water accordingly. After following these two points, bread can really turn out well in the pizza oven.

Conclusion – Does the pizza really taste better in a pizza oven?

T he pizza oven can both make work easier for pizza lovers and cut the time it takes to prepare a delicious pizza by minutes, especially if you can prepare it yourself.

But even students and trainees who don’t want to forego the taste of a good pizza will be satisfied with a mini pizza oven. These can be used particularly quickly and are space-saving. The taste of a pizza in the pizza oven can definitely be better than that of a pizza from the ordinary oven.

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